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Life in Florence – discovering the miracles of the city

augusztus 19, 2013

San Lorenzo Basilica and complex

Open 10-17, the library and the chapels only in the morning

This is a massive complex that I visited on two occasions, due to the amount of things to see.

There is the Biblioteca Laurenziana designed by Michelangelo on request of Clemente VII (the first Medici pope) to house the manoscripts and books they had. Imagine a huge reading room designed by Michelangelo and then because of his leave to Rome, finished by Giorgio Vasari with amazing glass windows and pavement and with books from Vergilius or scripts from Leonardo da vinci.

From the central cloister you get to the Tomb of Cosimo il Vecchio incorporated in one of the main pillars holding the basilica above and his favuorite artist Donatello who died 2 years after him.

The Basilica of San Lorenzo– founded in 393!!! As first cathedral of Florence – main church for the Medici family. Filippo Brunelleschi was commisioned to reconstruct it in the ’400. The church is full of amazing paintings and pulpits from artists especially from the Reneissance. With your ticket they give you a tablet to guide you around J

Medici chapels – Le capelle medicee

Again, our friend Michelangelo who designed the funeral monument of 2 medici princes, then he needed to run to Rome, so left the rest unfinished. A really interesting exhibition around the building about Leone X, the second Medici pope.  Minimum an hour needed only for this.

The House of Michelangelo – Casa Buonarotti

(Attenzione – closed on Tuesdays, Via Ghibellina 74)

Another amazing spot, the building complex of the Buonarotti family, with the first pieces of Art from Michelangelo – La madonna della scala and the Battaglia dei cherubini (did them when he was arond 15), handwritten letters addressed to the Pope Leo X, who was commissioning him to do the Facade of the San Lorenzo Basilica, then changed his mind (and probably budget :)) and assigned him to work on the Medici chapels…

Plasters, drawings, paintings… showing all the preparation for the amazing masterpieces like David. Walking in history 🙂

OLTRARNO – oN THE Other side of the Arno River –

Chiesa di Santa Felicitá – Church of San Felicity near Ponte Vecchio –  via Giucciardini

A little church dedicated to Saint Felicitas of Rome (the 25th January – My B-day!!! is dedicated to her) with a Chapel built by Filippo Brunelleschi (the one with the cupola) and the masterpiece painting from Pontormo that is the most important painting of manierism in Florence. There is also a painting of St Felicity and her 7 sons who were killed all in different ways together with the Saint…

If you continue walking, you can arrive to the church of San Frediano Nuovo in Cestello (only mornings) –

St Frediano was a bishop in Lucca who had a couple of miracles, mostly connected to his skill of being able to talk to the rivers and tell them to not to flod the city, but to flow somewhere else. He talked also to the Arno river in Florence.