Life in Florence – Too much Tuscan sun???!!! :)

Once upon a time I decided to have some time off from the everyday life and planned to move to Florence for a while, the city I love best in Europe.

Lucky enough, it’s been a month now that I left my job, flat and normal life and now I find myself in Firenze where I spend the days with preparing for a Local Guide exam for the territory of Florence. I am local guide for Budapest and used to work for years as a tour guide, taking people around the city telling interesting stories to them is still something I really love 🙂

The territory that I need to learn for this exam includes the city and 44 smaller locations around… As during my visits of museums, churches, hospitals, libraries I see many interesting things I decided to take notes here what hidden treasures I find every day 🙂

1 August – This morning I needed to go to the Provincia office and on the way back I stopped at the English Cemetery, where Elizabeth Barrett Browning is buried – toget

her with many other famous writers, will need to go back as it is closed in the morning on Thursdays. (Welcome to Italy!!! :))

Later I decided to walk towards the Santissima Annunziata square and on the way (Borgo dei pinti) I found the house of Andrea del Sarto and the place where Giuseppe Giusti stayed…Once arrived to the SS. Annunziata square, I decided to start with the Basilica.

Once entered, I listened to the mass a bit then walked around and tried to memorize at least some of the 1789 paintings and saints and painters in the 30 + chapels of the main part of the church… then I gave up and went out to the cloister through some proibited exits with curtains.

That was the area where apparently Madonna del Sacco (Madonna with Bag – what else in Florence :)) painting from Andrea del Sarto was located. It was all closed outside, then I started to chit-chat with the person (gardener??) who was cleaning the cloister with a vacuum cleaner (WTI = welcome to Italy). I think this guy is a professor from the Faculty of Arts of some local University or maybe a tour guide in incognito… He told me about all the interesting stories how the curch was founded by the 7 saints, that the last one was S. Alessio and his family the Falconieri were sponsoring the church. The stories about the company of the Annunziata that was the Association of the Arts and drawings. As this church was the main site for it, many artists contributed to embellish the church (Agnolo Bronzino, Andrea Del Sarto, Vasari, Ghirlandaio etc) and according to the urban legends (and the guy :)) the artists (including Benvenuto Cellini) were mummified and buried in a seated position in a circle under the church like knights in the medieval times.. who knows?:)

He also let me in the Capella della compagnia di Santa Lucia – amazing paintings S Luca painting the Madonna from Vasari and many others and 12 sculptures, definitely the most beautiful and interesting part of the church. He let me stay and check around for 4,5 minutes.

He also told all the stories about during the flourishing times of Florence most of the rich people lived from banking/lending money for interests = Usuraia , which was a sin according to the church. To avoid INFERNO  they needed to buy ‘ Solvation’ (cancellation of their sins) donating a lot of money to make sure they can be buried somewhere at the garden/courtyard/chapel of one of the churches and not outside the city walls.  This cloister is just fully packed with Lapids and tombs. Apparently criminals and people who commited public sins were burnt outside the city walls and not buried.

He also showed on the tomb of one of the rich Falconieri guys that the church originally was small and the 7 saints who moved here to live (abandoned their families) in the little place built around the chapel of Annunziata.

Annunziata is a Madonna painting, and according to the legend a Priest (frate) called Bartolomeo was painting this fresco and tried to finish it but somehow he could not manage to paint the face of the Madonna. According to the legend one night while he was sleeping, the painting got finished – miracle happened 🙂 This reminds me mr bean and  the whistler’s mother painting…

Late afternoon trip to the Uffizi Gallery where I needed to queue even if I have the Amici degli Uffizi card that entitles me to free entrance – this brought me to meet a lady, chit-chat in the queue.
She said she visits the Uffizi very often, even when she has just a half an hour or an hour. She started to come here with his grandfather…

At the end I told the lady that I am more then happy to follow her to see her favourite paintings and she can also show me around if she wants. She was enthusiastic and definitely a fan of Botticelli and his era. We spent an hour together and I really enjoyed to see the Gallery having as tourist guide the President of the Botticelli Association of Italy. 🙂

On the wanegroniy back, grabbing an awsome Ganduja chocolate cake at the REvoir bar on Piazza Signoria from the book INferno of Dan Brown, I discovered that the Negroni cocktail was invented in that particular place.

An important observation of Justyna, Anja and mine from the last 5 weeks, that in Italy people drink – eat – drink – eat – laugh – sing – drink – eat but DO NOT DANCE.

In the evening we decided to go to Flo ( that seems to be the only place where you can dance in the summer.

The place is nice and we had fun, even if from the 367 people who were there last night only 39 were dancing + us 🙂 The only problem was that we were waiting in the queue for 2!!!! hours and when we left at around 3:30 there was still a queue… On the way walking home we took some jumping pictures around the empty Piazza della Signoria !!! 🙂

What a nice day in Florence!!


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